Do you know how many photos you take each year?

Enid Davis wedding HARDIES

I’d like you to meet THE HARDIES – I tried to get my family tree in one image but I needed a magnified glass to see it.

My mum is one of 11 kids, she has 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

My grandmother passed on very early and when my pop passed on in 1975 he had eleven surviving children.  Today he has 139 living descendants…can you imagine our family reunion?! No imagination required …you can check back in with me next year as I am actually organising (there is that word again) a big reunion in April 2014; wish me luck.

Anyway after my aunts and uncles had laid pop to rest they had the usual arduous task of dividing up his assets and property.  So what we now have is a photo album or two in Hilston, a portrait or five in Kogarah a box of slides of three in Mudgee.  Remembering there was only one copy of everything.

The shear geography of the spread of those memories haunt me at night and it remains a long term goal of mine to gather everything in one place so that they can be organised, digitised and shared with everyone.  Fingers crossed they all remember to bring them to the reunion; it will be a big help.

I can’t imagine many of you are blessed with 11 children but even with just 1-2 children the mountain of memories we amass over a life time can be overwhelming.  Every year we are taking and storing thousands of photos – which are stored on cameras, phones, computers, memory cards, many unprinted and a very large percentage never looked at again.  The average Aussie takes 111 photos a month (that is an old statistic from 2010 so likely many many more).

No think of how that adds up.  111 x  12 = 1332 per year

We want to help you to create an easy to use system of storing and filing your photos, so that you can enjoy and share your precious memories.

I’m not just talking about preparing for the future– we want you to enjoy and share your memories NOW.

This is where our Photo Filing FileOsophy comes into play so stay tuned for more about how it works.

Do you have hundreds of old slides or photo images gathering dust?  Imagine what you could do with all that shelf space!  We can convert slides, negatives and prints to digital, click here for more information.



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