Have you met Aneeta?

Aneeta Whey

I would like to introduce you to Aneeta Whey…

For long time followers of our Facebook page you may remember us asking for name suggestions for our fairy mascot.  We had some great suggestions at the time but we couldn’t go past the fun play on words suggested by a lovely friend of mine Merena Riley, so thank you again Merena for your great suggestion.

Aneeta believes there is a smarter, neater way to do things and you can see her working her magic on some prints and negatives just like we do when we are converting old formats to digital images.

Aneeta was drawn by a fabulous ex Disney illustrator and we would like to publically thank Robert Mason from Art 4 Kidz for his wonderful skills.  He took the brief and hit the nail on the head with just one edit!  If you have school aged children with an interest in art you we encourage you to give him a call https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-4-Kidz/224559430954901

Have a magical day.



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