Michael Jackson did it all the time, so can you!


Have you ever wondered how to organise your digital photos?
Remember how we said we want to help you to create an easy to use system of storing and filing your photos, so that you can enjoy and share your precious memories?
Well here it is our digital photo filing FileOsophy…
As simple as doing the M.O.O.N walk
For a reminder of what a FileOsophy is into the blog archives by clicking here.
Join us over the next 4 weeks to learn the 4 steps of The Filing Fairies Photo Filing FileOsophy or as we like to call it The MOON walk.
The first step of our MOON walk is…
With technology improvements there are more and more devices out there that we are using to take photos.  Even kids “toys” imitate smart phones to take and store photos.
I personally have photos coming in from 3 places – his n her iPhones, a point n shoot and a DSLR.  But there are also images that other people take and email me or tag me on Facebook and the list goes on and on.
So step 1 = MUSTER:  make like a cowboy and gather up all your devices
  • smart phone(s)
  • camera memory card(s) (the ones out of the camera)
  • camera(s) (many have cards AND built in storage)
  • video camera (many take still shots that you will want to file as single images)
  • laptop(s)
  • tablet(s)
  • kids toys as mentions
Next week you will need to grab your adaptors, cords, beverage of choice and pop on some tunes you are ready for the next steps.
Keen to keep MOON walking right now – download an infographic from our for-you file for FREE.
Want more help, give us a call we’d be happy to help you get up to speed.
Don’t blame it on sunshine, don’t blame it on moonlight, don’t blame it on good times, blame it on the boogie – had to be said I’ve been singing it in my head the whole time I was writing this 🙂
Have a magical day

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