Back up or Die

There was a 5th step to our photo filing FileOsophy which we hadn’t included as part of the MOON walk as it pertains to both images and data.  It also didn’t fit nicely with our little acronym but ultimately we believed that it needed a bit more weight and importance surrounding it.  WHY?  Well because data loss does not discriminate.  Good karma will only get you so far and good guys can experience data loss as readily as the next guy.

Digital Photo Filing FileOsophy Step 5: BACK UP,  backing up, protecting your precious memories, saving for the future call it what you will…. We like to think of it as Back Up or Die.

Sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it… back up or die?  Well if you remember the emotions we stirred up when you watched our video then you need to read this post.

I wanted to say that we insist, but it sounded a little rude, so let’s say that we strongly urge you to back up your data, most importantly your images, every month after you muster, organise, observe & purge and name (MOON walk).

Between us Jo & I have done countless hours and hours of research on this topic and read numerous (often boring and technical) books on this subject.  In our quest for finding the best practice for you, our dear reader, we found no guide or information better than that from the good people at Photography Concentrate –  They have put together a fabulous eBook called Back up or Die that we can highly recommend: it has worksheets, check lists and everything you need.  Plus it is easy to read and understand and best of all FUN!

But wait there is more – it is extremely reasonably priced AND there is a 100% Risk-Free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Here are 5 ways you can lose your data (excerpt from the eBook, with permission)

  1. Human error – accidentally deleting files, dropping a hard drive or losing a hard drive. One false move and it could be game over.
  2. Hard drive failure – hard drives are mechanical devices with parts that will wear out. It is only a matter of time before your hard drive fails.
  3. Disaster – your home or studio burns down. Poof. Photos gone forever.
  4. Data corruption – Power surges, computer and operating systems errors, bad memory card readers and even cosmic rays can cause corrupt unreadable files.
  5. Theft – people steal your stuff. Jerks.

Click below on the icon to buy the book and read more about what you get.

backup or die banner

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