5 reasons to make your mum a photobook

Is the year travelling at lightning speed for you?

Well just over the the horizon we have…Easter (think bonnets and parades for the school kids), Anzac Day (think long weekends and camping plans), School Holidays (perhaps more holidays etc etc)…we are in for a busy few months!!!  So now that you have had some time to get your photos #organised with our MOON walk FileOsophy we suggest that now could be the perfect time to think about planning a great gift for your mum for Mother’s Day.

Here are 5 reasons why mums LOVE photobooks as a gift.

5 reasons Mum's love Photobooks

  1. It’s thoughtful – your mum will be thrilled that you put your time, effort and thoughts into making a special gift for her
  2. They get to show off – what mum doesn’t love to show off the skills of their kids (“look at the wonderful book my daughter/son made me”
  3. It’s about their favourite person/people – she LOVES you and therefore LOVES seeing images of you (past and present)
  4. It’s modern and groovy – no dusty old flip album, this is something tasteful and perfect to display
  5. It’s tangible – in the age of digital photos, people don’t print or display their photos as often as they should

In the coming weeks we will be debating the pros and cons of just a few of the many photobook providers out there, so be sure to subscribe to Fairytales so you don’t miss out.  Don’t worry there is still time to get your photos organised you can access a FREE download of the steps to our MOON walk method on the For-YOU page of our website and revisit the blog posts about how its done.

Have a magical day



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