Who is the “best” photobook supplier?

We helped you get your photos #organised with our series of posts on digital photo organising and we reminded you what a great gift idea photobooks are for Mothers Day so now it is time to give you our input on the great photobook supplier debate. Here is another one of Jo’s cool infographics that explains how we chose to assess photobook suppliers.


The following is our brief assessment of 6 different photobook suppliers – Big W, Momento, PhotobooksRus, Photodeals, Shutterfly and Snapfish. BIG W: About You shop there in store and have likely visited the space aged looking monitors and sat on one of the wobbly stools.  Some of you would also know their online photo shop deals as they feature regularly in their catalogues. Templates/Themes I find the templates and themes available on this site a bit static but they certainly have increased the sizes and varieties of books in recent years.  Not a huge number of fancy frames and all the bells and whistles of design but if you want to click, fill and go then this is no problem. Pricing Big W run regular specials with discount codes with competitive prices. Simplicity The tool itself is limited in choices but relatively straight forward to use. Quality We found quality to be slightly lacking with a little bit “pay peanuts, get monkeys” feel about it. MOMENTO: About You may not have heard about Momento but they were actually one of the first suppliers I used and I still love them. Templates/Themes Momento has stunning templates and themes available with a much more artistic feel about them.  From a design point of view this is a real winner! Pricing Unfortunately I have great but expensive taste as these books are by far the most expensive on the Australian market.  But you get great options, quality and service.  They are also more exclusive and run fewer discount promotions than the other suppliers. Simplicity The tool itself could seem complicated for a beginner but it has fantastic design options and the greatest flexibility of design allowing for a truly unique book design that won’t look like every other photobook out there. Quality No faults with quality, picture perfect in our book! PHOTOBOOKS R US: About Probably our number one pick with a good balance of good design flexibility like Momento but with more competitive prices! Templates/Themes Decent templates and themes available, not great with frames and embellishments but flexible with other design options Pricing Very cost effective, especially their jumbo books which are great for a year in review type book.  Always running really great discount promotions. Simplicity Again the tool can seem slightly complicated for a beginner but it has great online support and help features. Quality We have experienced no faults with quality from Photobooks R Us. PHOTODEALS: About This is one that you see often via scoupon or other coupon deal sites. Templates/Themes These templates are a little stagnant, but like with Big W if you want to click, fill and go then this is no problem.  Not many book sizes or variations to choose from. Pricing One word: cheap!  Check scoupon etc for regular deals.  In fact, I don’t think they actually HAVE a full price option (ever). Simplicity The tool itself is limited in choices but straight forward to use. Quality More monkeys for our peanuts. SHUTTERFLY: About This is an American supplier and they are one of the best of the bunch. Ellen de Generes endorses them and that speaks volumes to me! Templates/Themes Shutterfly are similar to Momento and they too have stunning templates and themes available with a beautiful artistic feel about them.  If you love the look of a scrapbook they have some amazing templates that help you to tell a story to accompany your photos. Pricing Again they are more expensive and of course there is international postage to consider. But again you get bang for your buck with great options, quality and service.  They run discounts more frequently than Momento but their free shipping offers do not extend to Australia. Simplicity Probably the greatest flexibility in terms of quick fill and auto uploads with sooooo many design choices who needs to use the actual software! However when you do choose to edit the software is simple and easy to use. Quality Another stand out in terms of quality. SNAPFISH: About This is another one that you see often via scoupon or other coupon deal sites. Templates/Themes Mostly fixed templates with limited choices, and again not many book sizes or variations to choose from. Pricing Another super cheap option. Simplicity The tool itself is limited in choices but straight forward to use. Quality Average to poor quality. We have done our research and have a very complex comparison chart with 146 rows of data relating to the tools and options these photobook suppliers software feature.  We are working on transforming into something fabulous (and easier to read) to share with you soon, in the meantime if you have any questions e.g. does the Big W tool have a Sepia photo editing tool built in? we would be happy to look it up on our chart and let you know. So there you have it. Our humble opinion on a handful of photobook suppliers.  Do you agree or disagree?  We would love to hear your experiences with these or other suppliers. Have a magical day Mara

Learn more about Momento at our Save Your Photos Day Event



12 thoughts on “Who is the “best” photobook supplier?

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  6. Hi Mara,
    We’re just launching our website and specialises in photo book and stationery!
    Would love you to check our products and let me know your thoughts?
    Just created 50% promo code for you to use on any of our photo book design!
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

  7. What a great review! I have experimented a number of times now with custom photobooks but predominantly with Harvey Norman and once with K-mart. I’m always motivated by discount emails however this time I’m preparing one for my Mum’s 70th and was looking to use something possibly a little more upmarket. I recently received a coupon for Books R Us and keen to try although some reviewers have been a little unkind. Is there any further updates on your thoughts since you posted this review? Love your guidance/recommendation.

  8. thanks for this. I am wanting to create memory/photo books with text for my young children to help them remember their dad who passed away recently. Shutterfly is looking best bet for now… unless you have other suggestions for children focused albums? thanks

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