Sunday Sort it Station

20140911 Sunday Station

Happy National Organising Week (NOW)!

NOW (pun or rather acronym intended) is the perfect time to reconsider how you use your space, time and stuff.

One of our favourite ways to help families get and stay organised are our action stations.

A while ago I stumbled on the blog post of a compatriot organiser Lisa of Organized 365 in the USA, it was all about The Sunday Basket

Straight away I related to the concepts Lisa was describing, finding it similar to our family filing action stations. It got me thinking about the way we have described our action stations and how to use them to you in the past.


As you might recall from our previous posts about action stations – we don’t subscribe to the idea of ‘one size fits all’ which is why our family filing solutions are unique to each client. We have created many different types of action stations (or as Lisa would call it a Sunday Basket). We have used vertical filing, desk top filing, envelops and folders. The physical systems have all been unique to the style and space of the user.

As we have said before by allocating a place/location for everything you create a physical system which enables the process of PUTTING everything in its place (the behavioural system) to become routinely simple.

Thinking about the definition of a routine: “a customary or regular course of procedure” the key message for us is REGULAR and so my dear readers we are here by renaming our action station SORT IT SUNDAY STATION or do you prefer SUNDAY SORT IT STATION? Perhaps even SiSS for short?

Either way the new name is indicative of the physical place (STATION) to ‘SORT IT’ and a behavioural trigger SUNDAY.

We would recommend that Sunday is a great choice of days to plan for the week ahead of you.  But you could get away with a ‘Must do Monday Station’ or a ‘Time to Tuesday Station’ or even a ‘What are you waiting for Wednesday Station’. You could even refer to them that way if you get a little bit behind.

Remember having the physical place set up is only half the battle – you need to have the regular action to accompany it.

What do you think? Will you be joining us this Sunday to SORT your family filing for the week? Would you be interested in a short video of my Sunday Sort it Station at work? Or another progressive photo post like this one? We would love your opinion on this topic, please let us know what you would like to see more of.

Have a magical day



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