Your photos organised in 5 simple steps

Last month we featured over on She’s Organised with our guest post The Digital Disaster Zone.

Today we wanted to share with you how we Organise our photos in what we are calling our Frame by Frame Series.  After the success of our Processing a Party Invitation post we thought you would enjoy more posts like this.

Each month (sometimes more often) we practice our MOON walk to keep our photos organised.

20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (1)

MUSTER:  Gather up all your devices (smart phone, cameras, laptops, PC’s, USB’s), along with their adapters and cords. And/or login to your cloud storage (iCloud, SkyDrive, Google Drive) if your images are uploaded direct to the cloud.

20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (2) 20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (3)

ORGANISE:  Because We Love Manually Managed Folder Structures we file our photos by year, month, special event or destination. If you are keeping to your monthly task this is a quick and easy action.E.g. I muster on the 5th of each month. If I am up to date, I would be saving all images from the past month into a folder labelled with last month’s name & year. If there was a special event e.g. wedding or birthday, I create a sub folder within the month for that event. Simple as copy and paste from each device into each folder.

20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (4)

OBSERVE & PURGE:  Actually look at your images. You will likely notice you have a series of photos with nearly the same pose or expression. Usually only 1 or 2 our of every 10 images are actually worth keeping. Rather than tackle thousands of images at a later date, we recommend you take some time to delete unwanted or ‘same same’ images when uploading images from your various devices.

20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (5)

NAME: Give your images a unique name: be specific and consistent. In years to come you may not recognise the location or the people in the images, but naming images with an event name, date, location and/or people in the image will make finding images in the future go from hours to seconds. Windows file path character limit is 260, which also includes the names of all the folders in between the file and the root of the drive.

20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (6)

BACK UP:  After you have completed the 4 moon walk steps, don’t forget to back up your images!

20141013 MOON walk frame by frame (7)

You can download these simple MOON Walk steps on our For-YOU Page.  If you need help getting started simply contact us to book in for a discovery session.

Get your photos organised before the silly season hits and you will be in the perfect position to create wonderful photo gifts for family and friends this Christmas.  If you enter our 1st Blogiversary giveaway you could win a voucher for $120 photobook.

Have a magical day



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