5 quirky and cool photo inspired gift ideas

We talk often about photo books as great gift ideas but today we wanted to share with you some more unusual ways to use your photos as gifts.

20141117 5 quirky and cool photo inspired gift ideas

PRINTSTAGRAM:  as the name suggests this is a super cool site for Instagram users – my personal favourite on this site is the sticker book.  I might ask Santa for some cash so I can design some of these for my 2015 planner  (note you don’t HAVE to have instagram to use this supplier).

20141117 Printstagram

BEPUZZLED:  I got one of these for my mum a few years ago and she LOVED it, range of sizes and number of pieces available (Watch for some one off Christmas tight time frames on delivery for this one).

20141117 Be Puzzled 2

YELLOW OCTOPUS: This is a high end price range gift that you could earmark for a ‘photography geek’.  Ultra modern display of your current photos as old school slides in a funky light box (they would need slides or to convert their images to slides – yes the reverse can be done).  This same supplier also does Polaroll loo paper with your images printed on you know what!

20141117 Yellow Octopus 2

WRAPPZ:  Your one stop shop for personalised photo phone, tablet, pod, reader covers. They even have a design of a fairy!

20141117 wrappz 2

CHARLIE & ROSIEYour kids artwork is a great thing when it is not cluttering up some dank dusty box, this is how you should be enjoying it.  Another one sure to be lapped up by those hard to buy for grandparents.

20141117 Charlie and Rosie 2

There are hundreds of ways you can utilise your photos as gifts so that your friends and family can enjoy them, have we inspired you to choose a photo gift this year?  Which one is your favourite?

Have a magical day


* this is not a sponsored post, we just like these products.


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