Reading Writing Arithmetic: Do you know the OTHER three R’s?

At my weekly playgroup, on my online mums group and in my home I hear all the time “I would never speak to an adult the way kids do today, I don’t remember being taught the RIGHT way to speak to an adult when I was a kid but I just did it!”.

I totally agree with this sentiment.  I don’t remember how this was taught to me, so I don’t know how to teach this to my children.  As a parent this is a concern to me.  It is a concern I have also heard raised by grandparents.201503 Reading writing and arithmetic the other 3 rs Recently APPO gave me the opportunity to listen to a webinar run by Parenting expert Deborah Gilboa, MD (popularly known as Dr. G) and she spoke about the other three R’s.


Straight away I knew these were really important characteristics that I want my children to have as soon as possible and most definitely have in the future.  The good teachers at our schools will teach the standard three R’s, it is my job as a parent to teach them the other three!  This links closely to the concept of asking ‘do you know’ questions that we talked about last month. So I asked myself how can I find ways to build these three R’s with my children.

Ways that are easy, engaging and interesting.

Here are some of the ways we believe that PHOTOS can help demonstrate or teach children these three essential characteristics.

Learning about RESPECT from Photos

Photos reinforce what matters, we show our kids what we respect by what we photograph.  For example we take photos as a family group together at a family celebration as such we show them that we respect our family.  What we photograph shows what we value, so spending time together as a family is important to us. This is one of my favourite photos I have taken in a long time.  It is me showing my 86 year old aunt how to take a selfie and when I look back on it I am reminded of the importance of my family connections.  It shows the respect that I have and the respect I want to teach to my children.

Learning about RESPONSIBILTY from photos

Photos show what we value.  Looking through old photos with the kids they might notice that there are a number of photos taken of your work colleagues.  It shows that work is important. Just having the photos TO SHOW, photos that are organised or in albums shows them that you were responsible, they might not recognise or appreciate it now but one day they will be grateful.  My two love looking through the photobooks I have made for them, my daughter often falls asleep with them in her hands.  For the moment the intent is probably quite narcissistic but I truly believe that one day they will be thankful for me taking the responsibility of documenting and displaying their childhood in photos.

Learning about RESILIENCE from photos

Nothing teaches resilience like trying something new.  If you think about it we are constantly taking photos of ourselves and of our family trying something new.  The first bike ride, first steps (if you are quick), first train ride, first camping holiday.  By doing that we remind our kids of trying new things.  It might remind them that they used to be terrified of riding the bike without training wheels but that they kept trying and they did it.  Demonstrating to them that they can be resilient and that you value that characteristic in them! Remembering how they behaved (they fell a few times but got back up and kept trying) is more important than remembering how they felt (the fear they felt was overcome).  Showing them a photo of that shows them how proud we are of them for being resilient.

By organising your photos you are giving yourself the opportunity to demonstrate and teach respect, responsibility and resilience.

I bet you didn’t realise photo organising could help with solutions to some common parenting challenges?

Have a magical day



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