The dead set easiest way to back up your photos

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I have often said that I am of the luckiest generation. I am old enough to remember BEFORE digital technology (and the internet) but young enough to have been able to adapt and embrace it. You could say that is why I am an advocate of old school methods as well as new technology like Call me old fashioned but in my personal (and professional) opinion the dead set easiest way to back up your photos is to PRINT THEM!

In 50years time I am quietly confident that people will still have EYES! I am not nearly as confident that some super doper fandangled new technology wont supersede current photo file types AND ways to read them.

Mike Yost makes some great points about changing technology in this article.

So why do we recommend that you print photos as a backup?

Because it is just so darned easy! No cords, cables, syncing app or IT degree required! The printing thing is really simple, you can go super old school and print off a batch all at once then slot them into a traditional album (archival quality of course) or you can do what I would recommend and create a more modern looking photobook that will actually get looked at!  I make special occasion books and annual books that I work on a few pages each month.

But aren’t you in the business of digitising old prints? I hear you ask. Well yes indeed we are and I’m glad you asked.

We still think people should be digitising OLD prints as part of the photo organising process for a few reasons:

  • Old prints can fade and deteriorate if left unorganised in boxes and old fashioned albums (with acidic papers).
  • Digital images can be easily shared among families so they can in turn be printed in the format that suits them (think of how easy it is for children to share images and each have their own copies when you are gone)
  • Once digitised an old print can be given a new lease of life through restorative processes, then printed again to be given pride of place in a new more modern display.


Everyone! To clarify we here are two simple workflows that we recommend, we have split you into two groups.

  1. PRE DIGITAL: those with printed images (their own or inherited) = Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y
  2. DIGITAL: those with no prints = Millennials and beyond


  • Organise your prints, slides, negatives (ensuring they are stored in archival quality storage)
  • Digitise the most important and the best
  • Retouch and restore any deteriorated images as required
  • Print and utilise them in new modern ways, printed canvases, tshirts, tea towels, photobooks etc
  • Enjoy them for as long as you, your children and your children’s children have eyes


  • Practise the MOON Walk to help keep your digital images organised
  • Print and utilise them eg printed canvases, tshirts, tea towels, photobooks
  • Enjoy them for as long as you, your children and your children’s children have eyes

Overwhelmed? Don’t be, we can help make it a manageable task! Why not book in a customised ‘SIP and SORT’ workshop for you and some friends? Give us a call we would love to help however we can.


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