What would happen to your photos if you died?

No one likes to think about death but you know the saying …

20150917 death and taxes

With that certainty in mind, those of us who want to ensure handling our estate after we die is as simple as possible for our loved ones take measures to prepare and plan.  We make wills and possibly financial plans for our funerals. But what about your photos?

Think about where your digital photos are stored? Are they on multiple devices with numerous different access codes and passwords?  Digital assets and memories (photos and movies) can be lost simply because no one knows where they are or how to access them.

The cold hard fact is that digital content is basically non-existent if no one knows where it is. Their existence and location, with the ability to access them, are absolutely essential factors to the survival of your photo legacy and the stories your photos tell.

If you are overwhelmed by an unorganised photo collection, we can help.  We recognise that it is so much easier to “pass on” a digital photo library that is in one central location and that is organised and accessible.   If you have had a loved one pass away we can also help you with strategies to collate photos from social media platforms.

Creating an organised photo legacy as part of your estate is just one benefit of an organised photo collection.  Contact us today and ask about how we can help you with our organising services and specifically our Photo Estate form.

Learn more about the Fundamentals of Photo Organising and join us at Save Your Photos Day on Saturday 26th.



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