6 benefits of having your photo life organised

20150921 full phone

Who has experienced this before?  How frustrating is it?  Of course by the time you have deleted some photos to make room for more, the moment you were trying to capture has passed.

As you know we live by the motto – organise ~ utilise ~ enjoy and today we are exploring some of the benefits of having your photo life organised.

We are talking about both your historical photo life (old slides, prints and other outdated media) as well as digital photos.


  1. Improved emotional well being: (especially in children) organising your photo collection can ensure that they are readily available for periodic reflection and reminiscence.  Bonding over family history and stories can reinforce positive values like respect, responsibility and resilience (read more here).
  2. Peace of mind:  knowing that your precious memories are readily accessible, protected and easy to pass on to future generations to tell your story allows you to relax and enjoy your photo collection.
  3. Return of space: through better organisation of prints and digital assets you can gain back space both physically and digitally.
  4. Avoid family disputes: death and divorce are an unfortunate but regular occurrence.  In speaking to a number of family lawyers I have learned that both divorcee settlements and probate have ended up at a loggerhead over photos and other memorabilia.  Organised photo collections are easier to share thus avoiding these nasty battles.  Remember the story of my family The Hardies here and the photos going in 11 different directions!
  5. Ease of access: in a nutshell if you can FIND a photo when you need it you can use it for all manner of reasons, read how I was able to quickly source a photo to help a friend land some new business.
  6. Creative options:  you all know how much we love to create photobooks, they are just one of the plethora of creative options that are available to you once you have an organised photo collection.  For many the only thing standing between them and a beautiful photobook is lack of organisation and the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start.  Get organised and open up a world of creative options.

For me number 2 is invaluable, in our overwhelmingly busy lives knowing that something as precious as my photo collection is organised and protected is one less thing I need to worry about.  Which of these is the most important to you?  We would love to hear your thoughts on any other benefits too, please join the conversation below.

Have a magical day



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