How long will it take to cull your photo collection?

Digital photos.  You feel like you are drowning in them right? 

In a recent conversation with a Professional Organising colleague (the other type: wardrobes and garages) she commented that she felt her photos are well organised and readily accessible BUT that she still feels like she has too many!  Then she said the one sentence that we hear almost daily.  “I need to sort through them, but that will take me FOREVER“.


Our response is always, yes it will require effort and a time investment on your part but we promise it won’t take ‘forever’ and it will be worthwhile! I turned her around quickly, reminding her of the strategies she employs when tackling wardrobes and pantries.

We could give you some statistics on how long it has taken US to undertake digital photo organising projects for our clients but that is not realistically how long it might take YOU to observe and purge your collection to cull it down a size or two.  Organising and culling are two very different beasts.

Then I stumbled on a great blog post from Charlee at Humble in a Heart Beat who undertook this very process AND recorded some great statistics.

It took her 4 months to get through deleting digital images spanning 7 years.

Here are her numbers for that 4 months:

Hours spent deleting pictures: 15 hours and 20 minutes
Number of pictures deleted: 4,458
Amount of space saved on my hard drive: 7.85 GB

She set herself a goal of spending 1 hour each week for as long as it took, reviewing and reducing her digital photos and she DID IT!  Good for Charlee!

Of course this will be different for everyone but isn’t it great to know it can be done and to have that real statistic from a real person.

Hopefully you now believe us when we say that it CAN HAPPEN you just need a goal and you will get there.

Have a magical day




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