What people are saying about us…

Happy Client

“Thank you so much for my (photo) books – they are just stunning. You did such a good job!” March 2016

“Thank you so much, I feel like a weight has lifted from my shoulders.  The burden of ALLLLLLL my photo boxes is finally gone and now I can work on enjoying them and sharing with my family.  I can’t wait to learn more about creating photobooks from you and am very excited about the new course you mentioned in your newsletter.” February 2016

“Thank you so much for your help organising our photos and more than anything in teaching me how to use software to make a photo book. The celebration book for my father’s 80th birthday was very special and proved to be the hit Christmas present for all of the family. Not having had any experience with photo books or online software I was daunted as to how to begin. It was a great experience learning the software and the design principles with you. You did an excellent teaching job on a complete novice. Additionally, your formula for saving photos gave me ideas on how to better save document files as well and I am working tidying my computer. You were a very good fairy”. January 2016

“Thank you so much for your help yesterday.  I appreciate you staying and completing the tasks. My husband thought it was great.  It (the photobook) is gorgeous. Many thanks” December 2015

“Jo, I’m so pleased with what you’ve done – thank you. And I would never have made the album look that good.” June 2015

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mara as she expands her business with integrity, passion and commitment.  Mara puts her clients needs first and is a true pioneer in the new and growing field of photo life management. Being an Entrepreneur requires focus, innovative thinking and a willingness to take risks.  Mara exemplifies those characteristics. She has also been willing to help other entrepreneurs who are starting their own similar businesses by providing feedback, support and encouragement.  She does not view others as competitors but rather she embraces an abundant mentality that will allow for all to be successful.  She deserves recognition as the perfect example of what makes a person and business successful today.” June 2015

“Jo is completely organised, informative, patient, punctual and a pleasure to work with.” April 2015

“Being a Professional Organiser and a Perfectionist I only wanted the very best for my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday Present – Mara was able to deliver me a beautiful picture book detailing my Grandmother’s life which my Grandmother will receive on the 19th of this month. Mara is the consummate professional and she was able to help answer all my queries, I’ll be calling on Mara’s services in the future.” March 2015

“Thanks for all your help organising me earlier this year, it has made my job much easier and less stressful.” December 2014

“You calmly paved the way to an organised, systematic and secure way of seeing my family photos.  And I cannot thank you enough as I know that without your involvement, this clearly would not have happened. You have been very patient and a gorgeous person to work with – nothing was a problem, you are so organised and you provided me with a very reliable and efficient service. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” November 2014

“Thank you so much for sharing your passion and obvious expertise! I was blown away by how much we achieved yesterday – I knew I was right to believe in fairies! Family all suitably impressed!” August 2014

“I have used The Filing Fairies for Tax time and I must say it made that time of year so much easier! With the help of some supplies from Officeworks such as Document Wallets, filing cabinet, dividers and The Filing Fairies Tax Information sheets that I used at the front of each document wallet, it just made it too easy! I have now stored all my tax in document wallets in my filling cabinet with everything purchased from office works and it has made my life organised and stress free! Everything is filed in my house hold from bills, to receipts, to the kids school reports and we even have an art filing cabinet with all their drawings and things they make from kindergarten upwards! We are currently moving house, and it’s such a crazy time, but one thing for sure is, that there is no clutter yet it’s accessible for whenever we need a document.”  July 2014

” You are an absolute genius.  LOVE IT!  And who would have guessed the hidden info behind those sticky photos!  Bravo to you, and thank you again…” June 2014

“Wow!  They come up so beautifully!  It’s very exciting.  It’s so magical seeing the sharpness in the old images.” June 2014

“Thanks again Filing Fairies….feeling organisational inspiration coming on”  April 2014

“So excited to get organised, thank you” March 2014

“If you would like professional and efficient service I would highly recommend The Filing Fairies! We had an urgent request for numerous old black white photos plus slides to be converted to digital files. Not only did The Filing Fairies complete the conversions quickly, the end result was organised (named and filed), beautifully preserved photos. We will definitely be using The Filing Fairies services again.” September 2013

“After years of procrastination, I finally took the time to collate all of my slides and photographs containing so many happy memories and handed them to my friendly Filing Fairies. In just a few days I received all of these wonderful images in a digital format not only freeing up storage space at home but I am now able to share so many wonderful moments with friends and family from all over the world! The thought that these images are now preserved and available to view for generations to come makes the service the Fairies provide priceless!” July 2013

“Thank you to The Filing Fairies for your help. Our recycling bin is fast filling up and we can see the desk. We have appreciated your professionalism and your hard work and dedication to getting the job done. Would recommend you to anyone. Very pleased. Now I am sure we can keep on top of our filing with the procedures you have implemented. Thank you.” June 2013