Duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates what comes next?

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6 Phases of a digital photo organising project

Given our name (The Filing Fairies) and our service streams (Printed Predicament, Digital Disaster, Creative Conundrum, Wonderful Workshops) it is no surprise that we love a good metaphor.

The process of organising a digital disaster zone can be a complex and varied project requiring different approaches, technology and expertise. We believe that there is no one size fits all solution. There are similarities in the strategies we employ during the digital organising projects we complete for our clients but nothing that could be simplified in a guide to suit everyone’s unique needs.  Mainly because everyone has different equipment, skills and technology. It can, however, follow a standard workflow made up of varying steps and processes.

With thanks to our Professional Photo Organiser Master Trainers My Workflow Studio we thought we would use (and expand on) a house building metaphor to outline the workflow we use during a digital photo organising project.

2016 02 01 6 Phases of a digital Photo Organising Project title

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Wrap up of A to Z of Photo Organising apps

How did you like our Big List of Photo Organising Apps?

Just as I thought would happen there were some that got missed or new ones that emerged over time.  Which I will outline below.  Also the lines got a bit blurred between apps, software and devices.  We will endeavour to add more to the lists over time as technology develops. Continue reading

The home stretch

This is it, we made it!

Of course with the speed at which technology changes these days I wouldn’t hesitate to say that there would have been more apps and software developed and released in the time it took us to list the ones in this series.  Highly likely that some we listed have also ‘disappeared’.

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P is for PHOTOS

Not surprisingly there are a lot of P’s in our big list of photo apps.  So let’s get right into it.


The big list of Photo Organising Apps

Path – available on iTunes, Windows and Android

The pitch – Simple Ad free social.  Smart private messaging

Pear – available on iTunes

The pitch – Private photo & video sharing like you’ve never experienced before

Peekaboo Moments – available on iTunes and Android

The pitch – Your magic baby journal Continue reading