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Every year we are taking and storing thousands of photos – which are stored on cameras, phones, computers and memory cards, many unprinted and many never looked at again.  People are overwhelmed not only by vast quantities of photos but by software, apps and storage options.  We can help you to find the best solution for your needs to create an easy to use system of storing and filing your photos, so that you can enjoy and share your precious memories.

Our Services cover three areas of Photo Organising:


  • One on one consulting in your home:
    • 1 hour assessment sessions – Getting to know you and your project is important to us. Our 1 hour assessment allows us to identify your goals for the project and determine the best strategy to make your dream a reality.  It includes the provision of a customised Organising Plan of Action
    • 2 hour discovery sessions – great for anyone who is stuck. If you have tried to get your photo collection organised in the past but seem to get nowhere, if you are motivated but don’t quite know where to start, a discovery workshop could be perfect for you.  Choose to learn about any of the topics within our 3 service categories, also includes a customised Organising Plan of Action.
    • Ongoing in home training sessions – There is no one size fits all solution; call us today to discuss how we can demystify photo management for you. Choose to learn about any of the topics within our 3 service categories.
  • Group sessions:  This session gives you the opportunity to learn with a small group of friends (5 max) in a comfortable home setting.  2hr – 4hr sessions available.
  • Private workshops: We can customise a workshop for your association or group at your chosen meeting place.
  • Public workshops: Follow our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) for discount offers and to stay up to date with our public events.